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Using Kratom to Treat Opioid Withdrawal

Whether you have been injured, in a car accident, had a baby and needed a c-section, or for one reason or another had to take medications like oxycodone, you may be experiencing some level of withdrawal.

If you take pain medications such as oxycodone (OxyContin, Roxicodone) for a long time, your body becomes used to these drugs and dependence may develop.

If you become dependent, physical signs and symptoms might include: sweating, trembling and cravings and this usually happens when you stop taking these medications.

This process is called withdrawal, and it may last for several days to weeks.

Because withdrawal can be unpleasant, many people look for ways to ease their symptoms.

Getting extra rest or doing things that are distracting, such as watching TV, helps some people during withdrawal.

But other people take medications or substances to try to reduce their symptoms.

One more natural way to treat withdrawal of opioids is Mitragyna speciosa also knows as Kratom.

Mitragyna speciosa, known as the kratom tree and cousin to the coffee plant, is native to Southeast Asia and grows well in Thailand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and surrounding countries in the Pacific Rim.

kratom pills - Using Kratom to Treat Opioid Withdrawal

In many parts of Asia, people have been using Kratom to reduce fatigue or treat opium addiction.

Kratom is also used to treat anxiety and depression, relieve pain, as an energy booster, for weight loss, and to increase stamina for exercise, sports and training.

People take kratom to ease withdrawal because kratom evokes feelings of euphoria and may be obtained more easily than drugs prescribed for withdrawal.

More and more people have found that taking small doses of Kratom when their withdrawal symptoms kick in helps them overcome the symptoms and move away from their addiction.

While it interacts with opiate receptors, Kratom doesn’t induce long-term dependency.

Even after periods of extended use, your body’s appetite for Kratom will always be normal.

The leaves also help to treat various conditions associated with opioid withdrawal, such as nausea and vomiting, sleeplessness, anxiety, as well as mood swings, and being an all-natural herb Kratom presents fewer and milder side effects.

Kratom packs opioid-like effects but unlike opioid drugs, Kratom is only a partial opioid agonist.

The main reason why experts prescribe Kratom leaves for treating addiction is that it provides similar sensation as opioid drugs but doesn’t feature the comedowns.

The success of Kratom is due to its two principal alkaloids (1) mitragynine and (2) 7-hydroxymitragynine.

These two alkaloids bind to the body’s drug and opioid receptors.

They act very much like opioids do by providing some pain relief as Kratom have some painkilling properties.

If you have been struggling with addiction and are still dealing with withdrawal symptoms, taking a low dose of kratom could really help you.

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