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How to ensure your kids stay healthy through exercise

It’s the desire of all parents for their kids to be healthy at all times because being healthy has the main benefit of significantly reducing medical expenses. As a matter of fact, health experts who believe that prevention is better than cure, will always encourage people to focus on keeping their bodieshealthy through physical activities and this will reduce the number of times they will have to visit a health facility.

This is particularly relevant when it comes to paediatric health because it’s very important for parents to minimize the number of visits their kids make to the paediatric radiology wing if they wish to protect them from the potentially cancer causing radiation. One of the best ways to do this is through encouraging them to exercise.

Here’s how to ensure your kids stay healthy through exercise.

Doing an activity as basic as walking

Walking is something most of us do on a daily basis without knowing it’s actually very good for our health. The benefit of walking is that not only does it help you stay trim,it will help in keeping cholesterol levels and blood pressure in check, strengthenbones and lift spirits. The direct benefit of this on the health of your child is that their risk of contracting a number of illnesses such as heart diseases and diabetes will be reduced. In addition, some studies suggest that frequent walking will improve a person’s memory. It’s therefore a good idea to encourage your kids to take a walk as often as possible.

Taking a swim regularly

Swimming is a fun past time activity but very good for the good health of the body. The science behind swimming is that while in the water, its buoyancy will offer support tothe body and this will take some of the strain from the joints thus enabling a person to move more fluidly. Research indicates that just like walking, swimming also helps in improving mood and mental state. It’s therefore a good idea to take your kids out for a swim as often as possible.

Teach them how to strengthen their muscles

Most people usually don’t know the difference between bulking up their muscles and strengthening their muscles. In most cases, people will focus on the former which may not be ultimately beneficial to their health. Muscles are important because they influence the overall body strength and also help in burning calories therefore helping people maintain the right body weight. It’s therefore recommended that you encourage your kids to do muscle strengthening exercises, by starting light when they are small and gradually increase intensity as they grow older and encourage them to do it as frequently as possible.

You will realize that these are things that can be easily incorporated into your children’s daily routines without altering their schedule significantly. Be sure to make it a deliberate part of their life.

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