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4 important reasons patients should complete their prescription

All medical practitioners will emphasize on the importance of a patient completing their prescription because they understand the dangers associated with failing to do so. We have spent significant time covering the topic of prescription medication in pediatric health because we believe it’s one of the key remedies for parents to reduce the number of times their children have to undergo pediatric radiology.

Here are the 4 important reasons patients should complete their prescription as per doctor’s orders.

1 To prevent the disease from recurring

Many patients will stop taking their meds the moment they notice symptoms of the illness have subsided. What they don’t know is that in some illnesses, the symptoms will subside at the early stages of taking medication but the illness will be very much present in their body. Think of this like when you injure your body. What happens is your body will have scar tissue and reduce mobility, you will end up at a chiropractor in reno to remove the scar tissue and hopefully increase mobility.

The moment they stop taking their meds, the illness will recur in a couple of days and this may have devastating effects. Doctors always prescribe meds purposefully to ensure the disease is completely wiped out from the patient’s body, therefore, it’s important to ensure they follow doctor’s orders.

2 To prevent drug resistance

Many drugs are designed to help the body’s immune system fight off infections. However, when patients don’t follow the prescription as per the doctor’s recommendations for instance in the case of antibiotics, the bacteria’s stay in their body will be prolonged and it will adapt to the antibiotic as they expose it to small doses therefore building resistance to it. Drug resistance is currently a global problem and the reason for many unnecessary deaths.

3 To completely kill off the infection

Doctors are usually very deliberate when they prescribe medication in the specific doses that they do. The intention is usually to completely kill off the infection and eradicating it from the patient’s body. However, when they fail to complete their medication, there is a high probability that traces of the infection will remain present in the body and may even affect one of their vital organs in a way that is irreversible.

4 To prevent more complications

We have mentioned drug resistance as a problem associated with patients’ failure to complete their medication. The problem with drug resistance is that it will allow for instance bacteria to build up in the body therefore a simple illness may end up being a complicated disease to treat when these bacteria decide to spread out to other parts of the body, which is inevitable.

As parents who care for the well-being of their children it’s very important to make it a point to ensure that they complete their medication so that they don’t put their lives at risk.

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