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Hotel Safety Tips Every Traveler Should Know

When you get to your hotel room, make sure to check behind curtains and under beds. It only takes a few seconds and could save you from danger.

Never open your door to someone who is not a hotel employee (unless you have called the front desk to confirm their identity). Many room invasions could be prevented with this simple step.

Lock your doors

When you’re traveling, it can be tempting to let your guard down a bit. After all, you’re tired and hungry and stressed out from your flight, and this can make you more vulnerable to thieves and rapists.

This is why it’s important to always lock your doors when you are in your room. Also, it’s a good idea to keep valuables out of sight. This can be done by keeping them in your luggage or wearing a neck stash bag or money belt. In addition, you should avoid storing any expensive items in hotel safes, as they can often be opened by hotel employees. Rather, store your valuables in the lobby safe, which is usually much safer (plus you can get some insurance on items that go missing from the hotel safe).

You should also ensure that your windows are locked, both while you’re away from your room and when you’re in it. Additionally, try to stay on a lower floor (ideally on the ground level) of the hotel. This can help prevent criminals from gaining access to your room via the stairwells.

Finally, be wary of anyone who calls your room while you’re out. If they claim to be a hotel employee and ask to enter your room, you should only open the door if you can confirm their identity by calling the front desk. Otherwise, you should simply ask them to come to the lobby so that you can verify their identity. This is especially important when traveling overseas, where criminals have been known to target hotels in order to steal the valuable belongings of Western travelers. This is why it’s a good idea to carry a small travel door lock with you when you’re traveling.

Keep your valuables out of sight

Leaving valuables in sight makes you an easy target for thieves and burglars. Keep your electronics, money and jewelry hidden inside a locked suitcase or in a hotel safe. You can also use a neck stash or a money belt for additional safety. If you are traveling alone, consider having a friend or family member escort you to and from the hotel room for additional safety.

When you arrive in your hotel room, be sure to check that all the locks are working properly. If you notice any compromised security features, request a different room.

You should also ask for a room away from elevators and stairwells, since these areas tend to have more criminal activity. In addition, you should always keep your door closed unless someone knocks or rings the bell and says that they are a hotel employee. If this is the case, call the front desk to verify their identity before opening your door.

If you are traveling with a friend or family member, be sure to let them know your room number so that they can watch out for any suspicious activity. You should also let them know when you plan to leave your room so that they can keep an eye on it.

It’s a good idea to bring your own lock for the hotel safe, as many of them are flimsy and easy to break into. Also, make sure that the safe has a combination rather than a key (hotel employees can often get a hold of master keys). If you have a lot of valuables, you may need to store them in the front desk safe because hotel safes are usually small and aren’t bolted down.

Don’t leave your car unlocked

Travel can be a harrowing experience, and when you finally arrive at your hotel after a long flight or bus ride, you may be exhausted and in a hurry to get cleaned up, sleep, and accomplish the first item on your travel agenda. However, that’s no reason to let your guard down and leave the safety of your hotel room unattended.

Many hotel thefts are committed by opportunistic thieves who happen to be in the area and see an opportunity when a guest doesn’t lock their door properly. So be sure to pull your door towards you and listen for the “click” sound, and always close the curtains so that people outside can’t peer in.

Another way to prevent hotel car theft is to avoid parking in the area around the hotel unless you have to. Instead, try to park in a garage that is within eyesight of the entrance, and if you’re parking outdoors, make sure you’re not positioned directly under a streetlight.

If you have expensive items that are especially valuable, ask the front desk to keep them in the main hotel safety deposit box rather than in your room’s safe. These are much bigger, and they’re also a lot more secure since hotel staff have access to them at all times. Just be sure to request a receipt of your belongings and ask for any coverage in case of loss or damage. This tip is especially important for women travelers, as they’re more likely to be targeted by thieves.

Don’t leave valuables in your room

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One of the most important hotel safety tips is to never leave valuables in your room. This includes expensive jewelry and electronics that might be tempting to thieves. Instead, pack small valuables in a daypack that can easily be carried on an airplane or around town. This way, you can easily secure them when you are catching up on work or sightseeing, and you won’t have to worry about losing them if something goes wrong during your stay. If you want a safe and secure vacation, it is best to go with the Whitewater Hotel.

If you absolutely must bring valuables with you, try to find a room that is not on the ground floor and use a Pacsafe cable to fasten your luggage to a fixed object. This will slow down any thief and make it harder for them to snag your belongings. Also, if you’re staying in a hotel during an emergency, it will be much easier to get out of the room quickly if your luggage is tied down.

It’s also a good idea to have copies of your important travel documents, such as passports, flight tickets and hotel reservations. This way, you can present them when needed and they’ll be handy if your hotel gets lost or robbed.

Another hotel safety tip is to always check behind curtains, in closets and inside drawers to see if there are any hidden cameras or other security devices in the room. There have been many instances of hotels hiding cameras in bathrooms, mirrors or wall hangings, so it’s always best to be safe and check out the room.

It’s also a good idea to never leave the “Please Make Up My Room” or “Room Service Breakfast” signs on your door. While it may be inconvenient to have to call the front desk every time you want to order a meal or have your room cleaned, it will make it much more difficult for thieves to break into your room.

Keep an eye on your luggage

A simple hotel room hack that can save you from an intruder is to keep your eye on your luggage at all times. Especially when you walk into the lobby, it is easy for someone to grab your bag while you’re distracted. If you’re a woman traveling alone or with children, this tip is even more important. If you have to put your luggage down while registering or checking out, do so with one hand on it and the other on your pocket to keep an eye on it at all times.

Similarly, once you get into your room, don’t leave it unattended for any reason. This is the simplest way to ensure your safety and prevent theft.

Also, if you are staying on a lower floor, be sure to check that windows and sliding doors are properly secured. Some older hotels still use old-style metal keys with room numbers embossed on them, which are easily duplicated and can fall into the wrong hands. If this is the case, consider bringing your own locking device, such as a chain lock, to ensure your room’s security.

If you’re unsure of anyone who knocks on your door, never open it without looking through the peephole or calling the front desk to confirm their identity. If they say they’re hotel staff, you can always ask them to come back at a time when you won’t be in your room.

You can further enhance your hotel room security by bringing your own locking device to secure your suitcases and bags. These small devices can be purchased online or at most travel stores and make your belongings much less susceptible to theft.