About Us

a1 - About UsWelcome to BSPR magazine, your resource platform on paediatric health.

We are an online magazine that is run by a team of bloggers who are passionate and dedicated to matters of health. Our goal is to ensure that our community has access to a wide range of medical services to ensure the all-round healthy wellbeing of their children between the ages of 0 to 21 years. Through our website, we will always be proactive through sharing with our reader’s timely information on various ways they can keep their kids safe from illnesses or complications from illness, as well as early diagnosis because we believe that prevention is always better than cure and is the best way to cut down on your medical expenses.

Our team at BSPR is always keen on improving our content, therefore, we are always open to feedback, thoughts and suggestions from our readers on ways we can better enhance our articles. It’s for this reason that we have an open feedback line on our website to ensure that our readers can conveniently share their feedback with us. We want to ensure the highest level of active interaction with you.